I wrote a while back about how, while I disagreed with the violence in the Middle East over the cartoons, I was at least willing to say hooray that one faith was still willing to get exercised over someone mocking their religion.

While I toe that line still and still think that most of the cartoons were originally written to inflame sensitivities, I do have to say that the imams and others whipping up the masses have gone — and have since the beginning gone — too far. This is no longer about cartoons. It is no longer about being upset that Islam has been mocked. This is about inciting the masses to attack the west.

It also speaks volumes about the immaturity of many in the Islamic world that, instead of criticizing the cartoons, they’d rather tear down a KFC and kill some westerners. I am finding it harder and harder to see that the West and Islam can peacefully co-exist.

What also is upsetting to me is the number of Western media outlets that will not show the cartoons “out of respect for Islam,” but will not think twice about showing Christ in a jar of urine or the Virgin Mary depicted in cow manure. They are not censoring themselves out of respect for Islam, but out of cowardice.

The cartoons might not have been news, which is the original excuse for not running them. But they are news now and hiding behind “respect for Islam” is not only lame, it’s also a lie.