On the Olympics


The Italians cheered almost as loudly for the US as they did for their home team.

The Australian girls are hot.

NBC broadcast the F-word when the Italians played “I Will Survive”

This opening ceremony is bizarre with bizarre costumes and too much esoteric symbolism. Very bizarre.

I was at least hoping to catch Burlusconni, but he is apparently not present, leaving the duties to the President of the Italian Republic.

The Brits have good outfits.

It is depressing to hear them announce “Hong Kong China.” That being Margaret Thatcher’s greatest mistake — turning out Hong Kong into the hands of the Chicom bastards. I heard her say a few years ago that she and Reagan were convinced doing so would be a subversive act — sending ideas of liberty into China. Perhaps, she said, it was too early to tell, but thus far it appeared the only thing it gave the Chinese was rampant capitalism-materialism.

Idiot with Bob Costas (not Brian Williams, but someone else) says of the Russians that “they use to go home behind some kind of iron curtain, or so we were taught.” Emphasis added. What a moron.

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