Catholic Suicide Bombers


Christy and I were in the doctor’s office today and I was going through one of January’s Newsweek magazines. It had a big article on The Da Vinci Code.

We know that Opus Dei is a corrupt, blood thirsty organization intent on murdering people inside the Louvre, and the Pope is the anti-Christ intent on covering up the fact that Jesus liked hookers and had kids.

Perhaps if Opus Dei would recruit some suicide bombers to go over to Newsweek and instigate riots in the streets of Rome and New York, the media will stop writing critically about Catholicism.

After all, that seems to have worked for Islam lately.

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  • Where is the ACLU when they are really needed (ANTI-CHRISTIAN LAWYERS UNION)! Sorry, but I could not resist being sarcastic and use the definition a client told me yesterday.

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