&#8220Had it been Christ or the Virgin Mary instead of Muhammad, I guess we would also be supporting the Danish media against the protests of Christians.&#8221

I think I have to dissent, mildly, from most of my friends at RedState who are willing to support the Danish media. I myself find the actions of the media there rather childish.

It was less than twenty years ago when Hollywood mocked the Christian faith with The Last Temptation of Christ. Christians took to the streets in protest and picketed theaters showing the movie. Muslims joined the protests because Christ is considered a prophet. Less than a decade ago, when Kevin Smith’s Dogma came out, complacent Christians did not protest, but still muslims protested the depiction of Our Lord in a satirical light. Now with Dan Brown’s pseudo-historical bs treated as near gospel by the mainstream media, hardly anyone says a word.

Now comes the present controversy. A Danish author wanted a picture drawn of the prophet Muhammad and discovered that it was against the tenets of Islam for there to exist a graven image of God or Muhammad. Upon discovering this, a Danish newspaper drew some relatively unfunny comics mocking Muhammad. One showed Muhammad at the gates of paradise telling young muslim men to back because they had run out of virgins (personally, I found that one funny). Another showed Muhammad with a bomb in his turban. They were not that impressive.

Muslims were outraged that their prophet would be mocked openly. They protested. Soon the Jesse Jacksons of the Islamic world were whipping the masses into a frenzy. Simultaneously, the rest of Western Europe joined in the gag and started running the cartoons. It became like a playground scene where some of the kids getting picked on by the bigger kids begin to cry and more of the big kids join in to get the kids to cry harder. Only in this case, the kids happen to be muslims who take their faith very, very seriously and are willing to kill or be killed in defense of it.

As the State Department, I think rightly, said, we should respect the freedom of the press, but there must be responsibility in that freedom. These cartoons were drawn mockingly in a nation where ethic tension between the native and muslim has been growing. Perhaps we mature Christians are just use to the scorn and derision of secular society, but muslims are not. And while I think their outrage has been disproportionate to the offense, at least they are willing to protest the mocking of their faith instead of being willing to accept the secular world’s constant peeing on their faith.

Had it been Christ or the Virgin Mary instead of Muhammad, I guess we would also be supporting the Danish media against the protests of Christians.

[editor’s note, by Erick] Now, let me reiterate that I think the protests in the muslim world have been disproportionate to the offense. In the West, we have Christians willing to blow up abortion clinics. The difference is that those types are a very small minority in the West and the majority in Islamic countries.