This morning I fed Evelyn and got Christy and Evelyn out the door. Then I went to Chick-Fil-A for a chicken biscuit (I have a strong weakness for them).

I have avoided CFA in Washington, which is in the mall across from my office, choosing instead to have a cup of coffee from Panera. I finally broke down one day last week. I was starving, though I’m usually not a breakfast eater.

I shivered across the street (I forgot my overcoat last week) and got a biscuit and then a cup of coffee from Panera. Though in Virginia, I was in Northern Virginia, and clearly the dearth of Yankee biscuit making knowledge had taken over Georgia based Chick-Fil-A. Good Lord, people! You need buttermilk. I don’t know what that stuff was, but a biscuit it surely was not.

The coffee was good, though.