My new job prevents me from being a public partisan, but it’s no secret I’m a Republican. It should also be no secret that I am no fan of State of the Union speeches. They have descended into grocery lists of policies.

I feel a cold coming on and would much rather be in bed right now and it is before 8.

But, because the President will be talking energy, I’ll be watching and blogging for work. I’ll probably be pulling out my fingernails as well, which will probably be more pleasant.

The President does much better in other settings and always has. The only great speech he has ever given before Congress was on September 20, 2001. All of his other most excellent speeches have been “in the field” among the crowds.

But, we might be surprised. Personally, I am most interested in what he’ll say about the recovery from Katrina — something near and dear to me since I’m from Louisiana.