Over at RedState, we’ve been monitoring the anti-Christian hatred of the new Chronicles of Narnia movie. I read a very stupid article last week by some woman in the Guardian, one of London’s left leaning newspapers. My friend Mitch McGinnis, a preacher in Columbus, GA, has started a blog and has a great post about that article and the “myth” behind Narnia.

Likewise, it is worth noting this slam, also from the Guardian, which portrays the book as anti-feminist. One of my favorite passages, showing the author does not get it is this:

Yet Lewis retained his distaste for what at the time was thought of as typically feminine – and perhaps, to judge by what happens in the final book of the series, The Last Battle, some distaste for most women. Many readers have been infuriated by his condemnation of the former wise and gentle Queen Susan, as no longer “a friend of Narnia”. She is cast out of paradise for ever because at 21 she speaks of her earlier experiences as only a childhood fantasy. She is also said to be “too keen on being grown up” and “interested in nothing nowadays except nylons and lipstick and invitations”. Apart from the fact that these seem very small sins, it is hard to believe that Susan could have changed that much in only a few years, and forgotten her joy in Narnia. It seems deeply unfair that Edmund, Susan’s younger brother, who has betrayed the others to the Witch, is allowed to repent and remain King Edmund, while Susan, whose faults are much less serious, is not given the opportunity.

Well yes, you know it was because she was a girl, not because she denied the existence of Christ. Silly Lewis.

It’s worth noting that Josh Trevino exchanged emails with the writer of that piece and the writer seemed utterly clueless about Christian themes and imagery.