The Hardest Part


The hardest part of my new job is actually working from home. Well, not actually from home, but from my in-laws. While i have a good set up for working at home, at the in-laws I am relegated to the kitchen table. The in-laws have no concept of what I actually do. They see me on the computer and are just convinced I’m “playing” when I’m actually reading the U.S. Copyright Office’s review of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

So, I get interrupted and questioned all day about what I’m doing. The explanation of what I’m doing is followed up with a blank stare or a two year old running up demanding to see elephants on the internet and Ninja Turtles.

I long for my office.

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  • While it won’t be my in-laws, I have accpeted a position with a former employer of mine who has agreed to let me work from home part of the week. It is exactly the elephants or Ninja Turtles (Bionicles and Transformers, in our case) that worry me.

    I will, at least, have the office door. And my Lovely Practical Dreamer, whom I work so hard for, to run interference for me while I work.

    Good luck with the continued “commuting”.

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