I got home last night. I left the office earlier than I had intended and it was a good thing. I was suppose to be on the 7pm flight out of Reagan National. Things had died down by the afternoon and no one was around so I decided I would try to get an earlier flight. I called Delta and they informed me that my 7pm fight had been cancelled because of mechanical difficulties and I’d need to get on the 4pm flight anyway.

So, I moved as fast as I could to get from the office back to Ben’s, get my stuff, and get to the airport. By the time I got there, the 4pm flight had been overbooked and they had me a confirmed seat on the 5pm flight. Thank goodness.

I drove myself to the airport instead of taking Groome (it’s about an hour trip). As I was just north of the Monroe County line, roughly 30 minutes from home, people started hitting brakes and swerving. I was in the left lane.

In the center lane a car had been hit from the rear. As I was slowing down a car whipped around me, not realizing what had happened, and collided into the rear of the wreck at about 70 miles per hour. My car was hit by debris. I heard one or two more impacts as I was accelerating to get around.

I couldn’t stop, but I called 911 and got them going. I’m sure there were some significant injuries, if not fatalities.

Glad to be home safely.