Just Like the Asian Jesus


Come on people. Get a life.

At shopping malls across the region, Santa Clauses are greeting lines of children and listening to their Christmas wishes.But some parents don’t like the homogeneity of the men behind the white beard and red suit, and one group of mothers is bringing diversity to the North Pole.”We would like to see Santas of all ethnicities that represent all children,” said Tammy Cruell, of Mocha Moms, a group of African-American stay-at-home mothers.

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  • Linda, did you not get the memo? You are now suppose to say, “Woman of the Night, Woman of the Night, Woman of the Night.” “Ho, Ho, Ho” is offensive in this day and age.

  • They just don’t get it do they, the North Pole is too darn cold for multicultural diversity. Since, Santa Claus originated in Germany, he is what he is a white man, with a white beard, and fat jolly red cheeks. Ho ho ho! Merry Christmas!

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