Job Trouble — My Descent Into Policy Geekdom


This is rather sad. It’s 8 in the morning on Saturday and I’m reading energy policy stuff. At 11 pm last night I was doing the same. I think I really am turning into a policy geek.

Weekend before last, I worked for hours and hours on site templates. It’s for a freaking job! It’s the weekend! Perhaps the novelty will wear off, but for now good gracious! I’ve passed up watching Saturday morning cartoons in favor of reading energy policy. What has become of me? I never read the ABA Journal — especially at 8am on the weekend.

But, truth be told, Speedy Gonzales just came on Boomerang (I’ve had Evelyn in her swing with Tom & Jerry on). I may have to pause to watch this. I haven’t seen Speedy in years. This Boomerang channel is awesome.

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