The Neighbors


We live next to some nice people. But, these nice people had a rooster. We called them and told them that Christy was pregnant and already unable to sleep and the rooster did not help. They were kind enough to get rid of the rooster.

It’s back.

Not only is it back, but this morning Christy called me in Washington to tell me it woke her up at 5:25 a.m. Now nothing comes between my wife and her sleep. I use to snore loudly. So she made me get my nose rebuilt, my uvula cut out, and now I get allergy shots too. The rooster is going to have to go.

Thornwood Drive may never be the same.

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Erick Erickson


  • Dude, your wife is soooo right. They don’t sound like “nice neighbors” to me. I have plenty of experience dealing with “nice neighbors” if you need any advice.

  • “Nice people” don’t put a rooster in the middle of an inside city limits subdivision. “Nice people” don’t ignore the combination of common sense and plain old fashioned good manners that would preclude them from doing something that knowingly has a daily and ongoing negative impact on the health and well being of others. “Nice people” don’t do things every single day that prevent those around them from something as basic as the ability to sleep. There are “nice people” who live around us, but the rooster neighbors absolutely do not qualify as “nice people”.

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