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Wow, I made the mistake of asking for information about the company. So, now I’m reading all these policies and resolutions that were kindly placed on my desk. Did you know the federal government has an initiative for rural broadband? I didn’t. It actually sounds like a good idea — lots and lots of rural areas are dying off because they cannot compete with more urban areas. One thing rural and urban areas are finding is that they can attract people with affordable broadband — particularly industries. Heck, look at New Orleans offering free wifi to draw people back.

Anyway, I’m flying over North Carolina as I type and I’m on the 43rd page of a book of resolutions that help set policies to be pursued. I think I’m becoming some sort of policy geek. It’s actually got some really interesting stuff in it. Between the iPod cranking out the Lyon Opera Orchestra’s version of Berlioz’s La Damnation de Faust (I watched Layer Cake last night) and reading all this stuff, the flight has flown by (no pun intended).

And there are only about twenty people on the plane. Note to self: the 12pm Wednesday flight from Reagan National to Atlanta might just be the way to go!

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