Lag in Blogging


Sadly, I have let this blog dwindle. I apologize.

I have started the new job in Washington and am really enjoying it. Unfortunately, with all the other blogging out there, I’ve kind of let this one slide.

Anyway, the job is going well. I’m in DC for two or three days each week and then back in Macon. The travel, I am sure, will wear me out. The blog I’m starting for the company should be up at the first of the year.

I promise, I’ll keep this blog updated, but I think I’ll probably be focused on Macon and Georgia and the family more than anything.

One last piece of news, a friend of mine is running for political office and has asked me for advice. While I’m working full time and fairly well out of the consulting business, it is nice to have friends who want me involved behind the scenes. I’ll have more on that later.

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