Kill All The Lawyers


Actually, don’t, but we might consider killing the law professors. This guy should be flogged.

Richard Daynard, a Massachusetts law professor who made his name working as a consultant on class actions against tobacco companies, is part of a broad effort by both private attorneys and nonprofit groups to sue Atlanta-based Coca-Cola and other soft drink companies for selling high-calorie drinks in schools.

Attorneys expect to file their first suit as soon as next month. The plaintiffs will be parents of schoolchildren. Part of the strategy is to claim that soft drink companies use caffeine, a mildly addictive substance, to hook children on a product that is dangerous because of its empty calories.

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  • So are they going after BigCornSyrup? BigCarbonation? BigCaffiene?

    Unless they are BigSomething then they won’t be demonized by the media – a vital prerequsite for crippling class action suits.

    And don’t knock the law profs. I want to get paid high salaries to torment kids for a hour or so and spend the rest of my day blogging.

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