I hate these days. I’m in Washington today, staying at a friend’s house. I go into the office in the morning for two days and then back to Macon. I didn’t think it would be so hard to be away from my wife and child for just two days, but it really is. The uncertainty is also bothering.

I don’t know what the next six months will bring. I know Christ said to worry about today and don’t worry about tomorrow, but I do. I don’t know where this job will lead. When actually faced with the prospect of moving to D.C. next year, I also am not confident of the answer. The new employer is going to want Christy and me up here full time in August.

Growing up is hard to do. I just really feel lost. I’m talking to Christy and praying hard, but in these lonely times where it is just me and my thoughts I dwell on the uncertainty and it is uncomfortable. What I do know is that this decision was, at the time, the right decision to make. It is providing a good transition and the people are fantastic. But, I also know that the uncertainty in the future will continue to haunt me until I have more answers.

At least I know this much is true — my wife and my God love me.

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