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It’s getting ugly. Seriously, I think WiFi should be free in most places. Here in Macon, GA most of the downtown businesses offer free WiFi as a way to attract patrons. Starbucks requires a payment. I’d rather it be free. Besides, the administrative costs of payment for the mom-n-pop just seems to indicate that free is better than fee unless you have a huge market like a Starbucks with T-Mobile administering the fees and service.

Free for me.

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  • That was my point. I don’t like city “free wifi” concepts, but I actually would prefer to pay a little extra for coffee and have free wifi at a place than go to a Starbucks and pay for my coffee and my wifi.

    And, I think it makes sense economically for a mom & pop to offer it free and charge a few pennies more per cup o’ joe than to deal with the extra expense and time of charging for the wifi or paying a third party to do so.

  • Dignan,

    I don’t think he is saying he is entitled to free WiFi. Rather he is saying if he has the choice he is going to choose to frequent the establishment which provides it gratis. Companies will decide if providing the service is cost efficient. In other words if I have a coffee and sandwich shop and I’m competing with Starbucks and Starbucks is charging for WiFi I might feel enough of their customers will switch to my place. Simple math, charge $4 a month (or whatever) for access or charge nothing and have more loyal customers buying overpriced coffee.

  • Erik: Why should WiFi be free? That doesn’t seem compatible with being a conservative. Sound rather “entitlement-ish”. 🙂

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