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Solely from a legal perspective, having reviewed the Libby indictment, I’m somewhat perplexed as to why they even bothered. In a nutshell, the grand jury believed Matt Cooper and Tim Russert, not Libby — so a trial is going to be his word versus them. The obstruction charge stems from Libby’s statements not reconciling with Millers’ statements, though it seems she was not credible enough to establish a third perjury charge.

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  • That is fine, I won’t blog here anymore nor will I read it. I may, as well get news from Sesame Street, if I had to rely on anylysis from you guys!

  • I went to the movie theater tonight too. And I determined that people are informed enough about what is going on around them that they are willing to shell out $10 just for 2 hours of escapism from the 24 hour news cycle.

    Either that, or they just looove paying $6 for a tub of popcorn that they will never finish…I couldn’t quite tell. They were all so giddy…

  • Eric,

    I just wanted you to know that when I debate people I apologize for appearing personal. I take the state of affairs in the United States seriously. If you only knew how many letters that I have written in support of this President to the liberal media outlets, you would be shocked. Just to let you know, I have had a link on my blog for your site for quite a while, probably a month.

    My family and I went to a movie tonight, and I was looking around at all of the people at Amstar thinking there are way too many people in the US that do not have a clue about what is going on around them.

  • Well, shucks if I got any clients in big trouble with tax evasion, I was going to refer you. Just kidding. bawahahah! whatever

  • Oh, hate to be argued in a corner do you? Just because you talk bs, and I talk facts you can’t stand it.

    Bawhahahahahaha. [breath] Bawhahahahaha.

    And for the record, no, I am not suppose to be a great defense attorney. I hate criminal law.

  • I read the indictment mentioned above, and I watched the live press conference in entirety. Eric is I suppose a great defense attorney. If I were an attorney, I would be a prosecutor. If my investments do good, I will buy him a “spin stops here doormat.”

  • And btw, I do have a blog but I cannot stand spin from Republicans or Democrats. If Eric wants to remove my ability to post then that would go with the flow of politics these days. Free speech and debate is not open in this country. I gave you all kinds of research, Shawn did you bother to read any of it or is your guys bible the GOP talking points?

  • Oh, hate to be argued in a corner do you? Just because you talk bs, and I talk facts you can’t stand it.

  • And the Dow is up over 177 points today, so this is good news and bad news. The good news is that VP Cheney was not indicted. The stock market seems to like somne sort of resolve, and our retirement account likes it, too!

  • Mr. Ferguson said that Scooter Libby is being charged with obstucting justice and perjury, and used a good baseball analogy as did Judge Roberts. Something to the effect of that is was “like the umpire having sand thrown in his face.”

    If you say that we for national security interests not indict someone in the White House for perjury and obstruction of justice charges, then when would you ever make a decision to indict someone? We are talking about the highest office of our land for goodness sakes. Those entrusted with our national security are held to the highest of standards way more than everyday man or woman.

  • Well, I just finished the over one hour long press conference with Mr. Ferguson and these five counts are very serious and of course Scooter is presumed innocent unitl proven guilty. But he also lied to the grand jury, and that is one of the charges. If convicted the sentence would be anywhere from 0 to 50 years with all of the charges added together.

    President Bush just gave a brief statement talking about the seriousness of the indictments but also said that Libby is innocent until proven guilty.

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