In the comments to this post, a certain person wrote

Well the neocons got their way. Harriet Miers has been pulled out of the fray. I suppose America can only be good if we have perhaps another Jew appointed to the Supreme Court. The Christians are being shoved right out of the United States.

In addition to that being nuts, it is also highly offensive. I have fought tooth and nail to make sure Miers’ nomination was withdrawn and I am an evangelical Christian. There are many who have taken to just trusting the President, but not many have adopted the rhetoric of the left (“neocons”) in doing so.

There is, for the record, only one Jew on the United States Supreme Court. The majority are Catholic. Religion had nothing to do with the appointment of Miers and, in fact, the people most conservatives have been championing are all Presbyterian, Baptist, or Methodist. Last I checked, none of those groups are part of some wacky Zionist plot.

The comment is offensive and absurd. The commenter has, I’m sure, not paid attention to the fact that in the past forty-eight hours some of Miers key supporters have withdrawn their support because of speeches she gave in the early 90’s. in those speeches, Miers said she found nothing wrong with judicial activism and that she supported the self determination found in cases like Roe and Casey. Miers also imposed affirmative action standards on the Texas Bar when she was its President.

While the commenter no doubt thinks she is thinking for herself, she sounds more comfortable throwing around anti-semetic labels under the guise of trusting the President. She can do better than that, and she should.

Being sorry Miers is out is no reason to blame “neocons” and “Jews.”