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This coming weekend, we have a great opportunity to support the troops and their mission. From September 23-26, 2005, Operation Iraqi Hope will be leading counter protests to the peaceniks and communists who, along with Cindy Sheehan, intend to march on Washington.

On September 23, 2005, there will be a rally outside Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Remember, the left has been protesting outside the hospital in opposition to the war. The morale of the troops who are being treated at the hospital could use your support.

On September 24, 2005, there will be a counter demonstration against Cindy Sheehan and the Communists.

On September 25, 2005, there will be a rally to honor military families.

On September 26, 2005, Operation Iraqi Hope will lead military families to meetings with Senators, Congressmen, and their aides to let them know we support the war and Cindy Sheehan does not speak for us.

You can help. You can participate. Operation Iraqi Hope will arrange transportation for groups of ten or more to get to the events. Do your part. Details are here.

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  • You RethugliKKKlans and your obsession with Cindy won’t end until you have her in one of your camps – will it?!?!?!? – what is Chimpy McHitlerburton hiding from?? Why doies he need Bloomberg’s brownshirts to keep her down?

    And most of all, why does the resident in chief need permission from his sweet brown neocon to take a potty break??

    His day will come . . .

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