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John Leo takes a look.

On August 6, as her 15 minutes of fame was just beginning, Cindy Sheehan used an odd term in a TV interview with Mark Knoller of CBS. She referred to the foreign insurgents and terrorists in Iraq as “freedom fighters.” Knoller cut those words out of his report, he told me, because he “really wasn’t interested.” He should have left them in. In fact, alarm bells should have rung in his brain. First of all, it’s startling that an antiwar mother would talk that way about people who blow up children and who may have killed her own son. Second, “freedom fighters” in this context is the telltale lingo of the hard, anti-American left. When the grieving mother starts talking that way, it’s news.

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  • Y…A…W…N…

    Clue to the clueless: The insurgents ARE freedom fighters. They’re doing precisely the same thing that I would do if our once-great nation were illegally invaded and occupied by a foreign nation. Also, everything that Ms. Sheehan (American hero) said about the criminal Bush family was correct.

    See, here’s what you wacked out wingnuts don’t get, for some reason…Bush’s war in Iraq was illegal, and thus is immoral. A woman (or anyone, for that matter), who stands up against it is automatically going to be seen a moral and righteous, merely by the sheer magnitude of immorality and wrongness of Bush illegal Messopotamia. Capice?

    Contrary to popular myth, it’s not because of a grand scheme by the “liberal media.” It’s just a simple fact that human nature will automatically side with anyone who stands up against injustice, and it just so happens that your precious President Pinnochio is on the wrong side once again on this won.

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