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Our peditricain and a friend have both recommended On Being Baby Wise. The book has lots of good tips and information about babies and I recommend it. One of its suggestions is to put the baby on a regular schedule. We have and we are very glad we did.

Instead of feeding Evelyn whenever she cries, we have her on a set schedule. At first it was every three hours and now we’ve moved to every four hours. We’re in a troublesome shift right now as she gets use to going every four hours. However, a benefit is that Evelyn goes to bed at 10pm and generally does not wake up until 3am for a feeding and then again at 6:30 to 7am. Christy has been taking the 3am, but we’ll start rotating that one when she goes back to work. I’m doing the 6:30 am shift, which I really like.

Evelyn and I visit in the morning and I get to do some work.

It’s nice.

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  • Sister’s comments:
    I totally agree…do whatever is best for ya’ll and baby Evelyn!! Don’t let anything anyone says discourage you or change the way you do things. What I may have done with Logan & Luke may not even work for you guys. That’s why I’ve tried not to give any advice. Just do what’s best for the three of you…that’s all that matters!! And, if you need to vent your frustrations or cry on someone’s shoulder (because we all know how hard the first few months can be) just call me anytime!!

  • Great comment, Christy! I had a fabulous pediatrician with my first child…when I asked him a question one day about adding new foods, he asked me what I thought! When I told him, he said “Nobody knows your child better than you do…trust your instincts with the small things.”

    Read all you can (or want) and then trust your instinct to make the right call for YOUR CHILD.

  • Mommy weighs in:
    There really is an incredible amount of controversy over this book and method. In fact, I had heard of the book during my pregnancy, and when I read some of the reviews on Amazon.com I decided not to buy it. However, when Evelyn came home from the hospital sleeping all day and crying most of the night, I was willing to accept the recommendations of friends and our pediatrician. I think that people need to do what works not only for them, but for their child. Some of us thrive on a routine, and some people don’t. I am just so thankful to have the option and the guidance from a resource that has been wonderful in our case.

  • Dude! Get ready for a firestorm of controversy about Baby Wise. After having two kids, I have discovered that parenting styles and philosophies are among the most contentious topics in our country. And Baby Wise is one of the most controversial styles. Not that it isn’t good or doesn’t work. But you will find that some equate it to Nazism and other equate it to the Gospel. Good luck! 🙂

  • That’s how I got two of my youngins sleeping through the night. At three months old they could go from 10 pm to 6 am…of course, I was also adding about a tablespoon of oatmeal in that LAST bottle (enlarged nipple on bottle a necessity!).

    Unfortunately, it what worked for the two girls did not work for my son…..child was an “animal” when it came to food and needed that 2/3 am bottle until he was THIRTEEN MONTHS OLD.

    Don’t tell me that there aren’t differences between boys and girls….I know of loads.

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