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Macon’s ability to ruin a potential good thing.

A $500,000 federal grant to add a new route at the Middle Georgia Regional Airport is in jeopardy as the Macon City Council and Mayor Jack Ellis battle about city protocol and particulars of the grant.

Three council members declined to suspend council rules Tuesday, meaning the body couldn’t approve the grant agreement without waiting for the matter to be referred through a committee. With a Thursday deadline bearing down, Ellis promised to “fight as hard for (the grant) as anything he’s ever fought for in his life,” mayoral spokesman Ron Wildman said.

Wildman said Ellis is flying to Washington today “to salvage this grant.”

I could really use this new route they’re talking about, which would go to DC. I travel there frequently. As it stands, I generally have to make the drive to Atlanta, a drive I hate, stand in a long line, and maybe get out.

The fact is, Macon could see itself grow and see the airport become more profitable if the Mayor and Council would work together for once. But, I won’t hold my breath.

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