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Leon has some damning stuff on Ray Nagin’s failure. For example, New Orleans has a written disaster plan that clearly states that an evacuation must be called 72 hours before a Class 3 or higher hurricane. Nagin waiting until the last 24 hours.

In fairness to him, 72 hours before, we weren’t sure where the storm was going. But, not less than 48 hours ahead of time, it was clear that the storm was on path to New Orleans.

We shouldn’t be blaming people for this. But if we are, everyone should be treated equally and Nagin should not be out playing the race card when he was eating supper instead of evacuating his city.

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  • Uh, duh, I gather seeing that you know how to type and all makes you a weather/political genius , but before I type bold ignorant statements, I would check NHC website and realize that Katrina was still cat 2-on Sat. night 36 hrs before the storm made landfall.
    If folks werent so lazy they wouldnt appear to be so stupid, would you like me to post a link to NHC advisory page so you dont even have to stop typing B.S.
    If yall put the energy you waste eating bon-bons and typing crap into helping your fellow man , this country wouldnt be in such a F.Up condition

  • The response to this disaster was a national disgrace. Nagin, Blanco, Brown, Chertoff and Bush are all going to have to answer for part in this horror show.

    Those on the Right are making a huge mistake if they think only Lefties are up in arms about this.

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