Who The Heck is Public Advocate of the United States?


John Roberts today came under sharp attack from some group I’ve never heard of. Naturally the mainstream media is going out of its way to portray this group as your typical conservative group. At least the media is pointing out that Focus on the Family and the Traditional Values Coalition are still supporting Roberts. The group opposing Roberts appears to be a one issue (anti-gay) organization that masquerades as a mainstream conservative organizaiton. Again, though not determinative, I’ve never heard of them.

The lefty groups were able to get out that Roberts once helped a group advocating before the United States Supreme Court against a referendum in Colorado that was seen as and was against the interests of gay rights groups. Then they sat back hoping for intra-conservative warfare. Other than this one group on the fringe, that has not happened.

What Roberts did is the same thing I and other lawyers have done — participating in a moot court exercise and offering helpful criticism to the participating group. Many lawyers I know have done that and the exercise does not mean that the lawyer supports the cause in which he participates. It is a silly argument. It most likely does not mean that Roberts supports the group; it most likely means that Roberts, as a respected attorney, was happy to give helpful criticism to a lawyer who was going into a court room very few ever enter. And, should we believe the reports about his participation, the advice he gave was pointed, but nonexistent as to his support of the overall argument.

This little group of homophobes wanted the media spotlight and they got it today by playing politics against a judicial nominee that mainstream, prominent conservative organizations are supporting. How very Ann Coulter of them. Tomorrow we will go back to forgetting they exist.

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