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I let the moonbats (and Linda) have their say in the comments. I am now deleting the comments that are filled with profanity. This is, after all, a family site.

I stand by my criticism of Sheehan. She’s an anti-American moonbat hiding behind her dead son to avoid criticism. The comments sections will remain open, but language will be moderated.

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  • Sorry, I meant to write that the translation site does not perfectly translate. I also made a typo in the spelling of liberals.

    I cannot relate to the anger that you have for our President because even when President Clinton was doing things that most of us did not approve of, I did not become obsessed about it.

    Life is much too short to be so angry. Try to look at all the things in life that you have to be thankful for. If this country were such a bad place to live, people would not be risking their lives to get here from Cuba, Mexico and other countries.

    God bless our troops and God bless America!

  • post 58 translated:
    Liberale ermangeln die Geisteskapazität zu folgern. Ausgaben mit Liberalen zu debattieren ist eine Einwegstraße zur Frustration. Liberalfähigkeit zu verstehen ist bestenfalls grundlegend.

    Liberals lack the spirit capacity to conclude. Expenditures with liberals to debate is a one-way road for frustration. Liberal ability to understand is at best fundamental.

    The first sentence is best as follows: Liberlas lack the capacity to debate. The translation site that I was using does perfectly translate things because computers are by no means perfect.

    I just simply do not wish to debate with you any longer. We are worlds apart in ideology, and I was just messing with you. I mean no harm to anyone, and I am not a Nazi Fascist. I did take two years of German a long time ago in high school. Best wishes to you, and I am sorry that you are so upset with our President and America. I pray that you find peace in your life. Please do not write back a long essay on the outrage that you feel because we have got the message loud and clear.

  • Post no. 60 translated:

    Take a deep breath and count you to 10. Still frustrates? Strike head against wall and take you to two aspirin. Call your Psychiatrist on Monday.

  • Linda, is this your way of avoiding a discussion based upon truths that you simply cannot face? You cannot offer anything truthful to me, and you cannot refute the truths that I’ve laid before you, so you run and hide behind a tongue that I don’t speak? How courageous. No doubt, you get your “courage” from your failed pretendident, right?

    The “man” who couldn’t serve in Vietnam, and couldn’t even be bothered to finish his term of committment in his cushy guard unit. The “man” who likes to talk tough and dress up like a cowboy and a GI Joe, and send other parent’s children off to die in his illegal wars, and who makes such “brave” statements as “bring ’em on,” knowing full well that it is not he who will have to face the bombs and bullets of those that he provokes. What a “brave man,” indeed.

    This “brave man” who is quaking in his cowboy boots right now about a lone woman who merely wants an answer to a simple question. The “brave man” has time for bike rides with celebrities, and fundraiser events, but doesn’t have any spare moment for the mother of a fallen marine, who was killed in his “brave war.”

    And then there’s Linda, who typifies the fast dwindling minority of deluded fools who still offer blind support to this failed, unnecessary, illegal war. They cling desperately to the fantasy that this war somehow has something to do with 9/11 or terrorism, because to let go of that myth is simply too frightening for them to even consider. While our soldiers and innocent Iraqis continue shedding their blood, body parts, and lives for George Bush’s illegal war, these terrified people “bravely” call anyone who points out the truth “unAmerican,” “unpatriotic,” or “on the side of the enemy.”

    How sad, that these deluded fools cannot see the forest through the trees. They have forgotten all of the lies that this corrupt white house told, in order to mislead this nation into this quagmire. They have never bothered to look up the history of our involvement in that region of the world. They have not bothered to examine the goals and aspirations of the group called PNAC, which is steering American policy.

    For, without that knowledge, they only have the deceptive words of a corrupt, fraudulant administration, bent on holding power and avoiding accountability at all costs. They commit acts of treason to smear their opponents. They openly lie to the public and to congress, in order to divert attention from their many, many failures and corrupt behaviors. They hide the true cost of war, by not including the financial figures in their annual budget, or fully reporting actual casualties, both American and Iraqi. They demonize and villify anyone who dares to speak out against them.

    They have to do these things. Why? Because, like the cockroaches that they represent, they cannot possibly function in the light of day. When your entire policy is morally bankrupt and in direct violation of US Constitutional law, you have no choice but to hide as much as you can from the American public and from congress.

    What a shame, Linda, that a seemingly bright, probably very nice woman like yourself would fall prey to such a loathesome, ugly, anti-American movement. I don’t blame you entirely, however. You have only done what they masterfully instructed you to do. They have fine-tuned Hitler’s ability to use propoganda to stir support, and you, no doubt being a Fox “news” watcher, have merely fallen into a very effective trap that was laid out for you.

    I realize that you were probably frightened after 9/11, and felt it absolutely critical that all of America unite, in order to stand tall against a horrendous, mysterious enemy. We were united. In fact, the entire world was united with us, while our goal was to destroy those that hurt us on that tragic day. Until the moment that your corrupt president chose to divert attention from those who harmed us, and focus instead on Iraq, which posed us absolutely no threat whatsoever at the time.

    Now the truth has come out, over the past few years, that this corrupt white house misled us into this war intentionally. The Downing St. Memos prove beyond any shadow of doubt, that which many different insiders had been saying all along, but were slimed and smeared by this administration and their reichwing media.

    Now, it is the responsibility of each and every American, not to stand united WITH this corrupt president, but to stand united AGAINST him. He is the enemy of democracy at this time. He has chosen to violate his contract with this country, by lying us into this illegal war, and now he must face accountability for his misdeeds. We simply have no provision within the text of the constitution by which a sitting president can lie his nation into an unnecessary war. He MUST pay for the crimes that he’s committed, and we MUST unite as democratic Americans to insure that this happens.

    The longer he and his corrupt administration is allowed to carry on with their lengthy, whimsical vacations while Americans and Iraqis continue to die in the desert sun, the more people that will needlessly die and become forever maimed. We have a responsibility to the rest of the world, to show them that owning a democracy involves some degree of effort and sacrifice. It’s time that we unite to show the world that America is SERIOUS about demcracy, and that we hold our leaders accountable, especially when they commit serious crimes while in office.

    Now that the truth is out, Linda, your responsibility as an American is to inform others around you, and demand your political representatives to hold the criminal accountable. In order to restore our democracy at this time, it is essential that this corrupt white house be impeached and removed from office, for crimes against this nation and war crimes against humanity. Nothing short of a full accounting will suffice at this point.

    He has SO damaged American credibility and respect abroad that we, as keepers of the democracy, are morally bound to do what absolutely MUST be done. We MUST see to it that these corrupt misleaders are locked away for their crimes, in order to send a STRONG message to the world, and to future leaders of this nation, that the people who hold the shining example of democracy up for the world to follow are dead serious about how it is treated.

    I trust that you are a true patriotic American, Linda, and will join in the effort to hold this corrupt president and his entire administration accountable for their crimes. I certainly hope that you do not choose the side of the terrorists, who would love nothing more than for this administration to continue destroying America and American democracy. Look into your soul, Linda. Pray to your God for the strength to seek and accept the truth, and the courage of committment to do what is right and what is critically important at this moment in history.

    I wish you well, Linda, but most of all, I wish you the courage and wisdom to seek and accept the truth that is awaiting you and others. You are in a rapidly shrinking minority now, and for a very good reason. Your fellow Americans have been awakened to the truth about this immoral, unjust war of George W. Bush’s, and are standing firmly against it now. It is now your turn to seek, read, and accept the truth, as painful and difficult as that may seem. It is what must be done. As Americans, we must all move towards the light now, and away from the darkness of ignorance and deceptive lies that this administration represents. Good luck to you in your journey.

  • Nehmen Sie einen tiefen Atem und zählen Sie bis 10. Noch frustriert? Schlagen Sie Kopf gegen Wand und nehmen Sie zwei Aspirin. Rufen Sie Ihren Psychiatrist am Montag an.

  • Liberale ermangeln die Geisteskapazität zu folgern. Ausgaben mit Liberalen zu debattieren ist eine Einwegstraße zur Frustration. Liberalfähigkeit zu verstehen ist bestenfalls grundlegend.

  • //Translation: When we are at war, all citizens should be patriotic and United.//

    So sayeth Hitler (and Bush apologists).

    Jefferson had a few different things to say. He said that a strong democracy is an informed democracy (i.e., the opposite of a “bushonian faketocracy”). He also said that it was the patriotic duty of each and every citizen of a free society to question EVERY aspect of their government, at ALL times. That means that, if you are TRULY patriotic, you will DEMAND accountability when your president LIES your nation into an illegal war.

    Dear, sweet, terribly deluded Linda. This bogus, fraudulant, tragic war in Iraq has absolutely nothing to do with WWII, or anything of honor, valor, or virtue. It is a war for greed, profit, and arrogant abuse of power, and nothing more.

    The only thing less patriotic than bending over and letting the Bush crime family ramrod anything that they choose up our collective asses without question would be allowing acts of outright treason to occur within the white house itself. You know, like if somebody were to out the name of a critical CIA operative or something like that. Treason. Your white house. Linda. Wake up. They’re stealing your grandchildren’s America.

    I just read that Halliburton, that bastion of groteque, hideous rightwing fraud and corruption, has just posted a 284% increase in profits. How nice. Of course, that came at the expense of our soldiers and US taxpayers. Did you know that Cheney’s company was serving rotten food to our soldiers? My, how patriotic of them, huh? Did you know that they’ve actually had to pull bits of shrapnel and bullets out of the food that they serve, rather than throw it away and replace it with decent food? They must really love Jesus and America, huh?

    Of course, this all falls on deaf eyes to the likes of you, donut Linda? You wouldn’t want to worry your pretty little head over anything like facts, especially when they differ from what your perfect little boy president has to say, right?

    Your boy is a screaming fraud of epic proportions, and his adminstration is the most corrupt adminstration to mis-serve this land, since at LEAST Grant, another “fine” republican.

    Linda, I don’t know what to say at this point. You’re obviously going to be one of the foolish, deluded little lemmings to go down with the sinking ship, and LONG, LONG after everyone else in the world has convicted this fraudulant waste of human tissue, you’re still going to be clinging to your empty fantasy.

    He’s a fraud, hon. He’s a failure, a liar, and a fraud. And, he misled this nation into an unnecessary, unjust, illegal war in Iraq with his forked tongue. He lied to us all. Someday, if you ever decide to join the ranks of TRUE patriotic Americans, you’ll realize that, and you’ll become infuriated over it. Nearly 2,000 American lives and tens of thousands of innocent Iraqis have been murdered at the bloody hands of George Bush, your hero. For nothing.

    Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9/11. Iraq had NOTHING to do with al Qaeda. Iraq posed absolutely NO threat to this nation or to any other. We had decimated their military 10 years prior, and they had virtually nothing left.

    Tragically, we are leading Iraq in to a full out civil war, to be followed by the development of what will likely be a brutal, extremist, fundamentalism regime of Islamic rule. What had been a secular nation will soon disintegrate into chaos and decades of bloodshed, thanks to your “Christian” president.

    The blood of American soldiers and tens of thousands of innocent (do you even know what innocent means, Linda?) Iraqis is on your hands, as well as George W. Bush’s. Anyone who still supports this war based on lies has the blood of tens of thousands of human lives on their hands. I pity you.

    Btw, I don’t C&P squat. I read the hell out of everything that I come across, and I have a fairly photogenic memory. I can assure you, everything that I’ve stated is factual, and can be referenced online. I fully encourage you to do so. So long as you continue to support lies and useless waste of human life, you will be haunted. The sooner you engorge yourself with the truth, the sooner you’ll awaken and be rescued from the depths of your dark nightmare. I’ll pray for you to turn away from the shroud of evil, darkness, and lies, and turn towards the warm light of truth. The light awaits you, Linda. Embrace it, and let it wash over your and fill your heart with truth.

    Where’s Osama, Linda? Osama Been Forgotten. You remember, don’t you? Where is he? How come Cowboy George didn’t get him “Dead or alive” like he promised? He lied, didn’t he? Who was reportedly responsible for 9/11, Linda? Was it Saddam? Or, was it Bin Laden? Where’s Osama?

    How come when terrorists struck the WTC in 1993, only a month after Clinton took office (who blamed Poppy Bush for that one?), Bubba brought the perps to justice without illegally invading a soverign nation, and ruthlessly murdering tens of thousands of its innocent citizens? How come Clinton could bring terrorists to justice, but Georgie couldn’t even be bothered with reading the daily briefs that specifically warned of iminent attacks, let alone bring anyone to justice?

    How many al Qaeda terrorists has King Georgie convicted and sentenced? Zero? Really? Gee, and here I thought he was such a tough talking cowboy dude. How’s the search for that anthrax killer going? How many were brought to justice for those murders? None, you say? I thought big, tough Georgie was all gung-ho about getting them-there bad guys?

    He’s a phony, hon. From head to his stinking, rotten toes. Your “blessed” hero is a raging phony, through and through. A cowardly, yellow-bellied, meaningless, arrogant, dangerous phony, and a hopeless, abysmal failure, and history will note him as such. Are you sure you want to align yourself so tightly with a proven failure and liar like this? Think hard about this, Linda. He’s lied to you and I, and everyone else in the world. He does NOT deserve our respect, and most of all not our allegiance. He deserves our contempt and immediate impeachment, followed shortly thereafter by his removal from office, a war crimes tribunal, and a long, hard sentence for his crimes.

    I’ve got this idea that I’ve been toying with, and I want to run it up your flagpole, to see what you think. Ok, so we all know that Bush lied us into this war, and that he’s directly responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of completely innocent people, right?

    Now, you have to realize that I’m not a man who believes in the death penalty, because I’m one who believes in the culture of life. I don’t agree with abortion, I don’t agree with state sponsored murder, and I most certainly don’t agree with murderous wars based on utter lies. (see, this is where you “culture of life” folks fall into utter hypocrisy…you may be abhored by abortion, but you SALIVATE over murder when it comes to executions and war, right? Sick, sick, sick).

    Anyway, I lied…I actually have a COUPLE of ideas for your ol’ pal, Georgie. First, and I have to couch this one as being a bit brutal, once he’s been convicted of war crimes, he’s sentenced, not to death, but to Fallujah. You see, we take him, Cheney, Rice, Powell, Rumsfeld, and the whole lot of the murderous criminal thugs, strip them naked with their hands tied behind their backs, and set them loose on the street of Fallujah, to enjoy the “flowers and candy” that the residents there are sure to shower them with.

    I actually like my other idea better, frankly, because it doesn’t involve them having their flesh torn off their live bodies. Instead, they are sentenced to spend the rest of their natural lives in a deep, dark, dank cell filled with cockroaches and rats, in the basement of Leavenworth.

    We strip them naked (you righties love this homoerotic stuff, right?), shackle them to the floor in their own urine and feces, and let the rats and vermin chew on their extremities forever. We place web cameras in the corners of the cells, set up a website, and charge $10.00/month to view it. The proceeds go to buy down his horrendous debt, created by his idiotic welfare handouts to the wealthy and his deadly war in Iraq. Brilliant, huh? I’m pretty proud of this one, actually.

    Sweet dreams, Linda. Go find some truth for a change. And don’t ever forget…Bush lied, thousands have died.


    Translation: When we are at war, all citizens should be patriotic and United.

    Are you not happy that we had the courage to fight against Hitler? Is this not the best country in the world to live in? Support our war efforts, and you will help to ensure that future generations may freely speak English.

    ps The first translation is: Ignorance is the worst mistake.

    Think about this rationally without writing all of your hate spewing speach again that is more than likely copied and pasted from another web site. Be proud to be an American, and help not hinder this war on terror!

  • Dear Jeff,

    Unwissenheit ist der schlimmste Fehler

    Say what? This is what our defeated citizens would have been saying had we not fought against Hitler. If you cannot translate it, let me know.

  • //President Bush led our troops to fight a just war,//

    No, he most certaintly did not. Iraq posed us exactly ZERO threat. They did NOT attack us on 9/11. They did NOT have connections to al Qaeda. They were COMPLETELY innocent, yet Bush chose to illegally invade them and murder tens of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. I thought Christians were “pro-life?”

    //Iraq harbors terrorist//

    They did not, prior to your boy’s illegal, unholy war.

    //and they are avenging the Lord, and that you should agree with Jeff.//

    Huh? What the hell does the Lord have to do with Bush’s illegal adventure to murder innocent people in Iraq? Seems to me, He’s absent on this one.

    //slanderous remarks against those of us that believe in the leadership of a moral President in these throubled times for the United States.//

    Many people from inside have come forth over the past 2-1/2 years, to claim that Bush lied his way into this illegal war. Now, the recently released Downing St. Memos PROVE that he lied. He wanted this tragic war before he was even selected president by a corrupt supreme court on 12/12/2000.

    You might ask yourself, dear Linda, why, if this is such a “just” cause, there were so many lies told prior to the invasion and since, and why also we have become what our worst enemies are, namely torturers, abusers, rapists, and murderers? Would you not think that a “just” war would be engaged in on a foundation of honesty, rather than lies, and that our “leader” would not be compelled to encourage military contractors to engage in illegal acts?

    Why do you suppose Bush’s legal counsel advised him to back out of international treaties on the treatment of prisoners, if he hadn’t intended all along to torture and abuse prisoners? Is this the type of behavior that you would expect a “Christian” leader on a “just cause” to engage in?

    Why do you suppose he can’t face Cindy Sheehan and explain to her what the “noble cause is?” I’ll tell you why. He cannot face her because she holds the truth. She knows that he lied, and that his dastardly lies led directly to the death of her son. He’s far too cowardly to face the mother of a dead soldiers, when he knows that she knows the truth about his illegal war.

    This war is about looting, Linda. It has NOTHING to do with 9/11, al Qaeda, or anything that Saddam did or did not do. Don’t forget, while Saddam was committing the most egregious attrocities that your corrupt president has cited as reasons to justify his illegal war, Poppy Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Ronnie Raygun, Wolfowicz, Perle, Negroponte, Poindexter, and the rest of this corrupt administration were BEST PALS with him. Rummy even went out of his way to shake hands with his old pal, Saddam after he gassed “his own people” (this is an often told story that is simply not based in fact…the gas that killed the Kurds during the Iran/Iraq war was of a type that the Iranians were using, and Iraq was not even in possession of at the time…this was the conclusion of US Army investigators…look it up).

    Bush’s illegal war in Iraq has only to do with looting Iraqi oil and US treasury dollars. Witness the $8.8 BILLION that was stolen from the CPA, under Paul Bremer’s watch. What “punishment” did Bremer receive for “misplacing” that taxpayer money? He got a “Medal of Freedom” from your fraudulant misleader.

    We’re now 2-1/2 years into this illegal war, and have blown through roughly $300 BILLION of yours and my dollars, and nearly 2,000 American lives, along with tens of thousands of completely innocent Iraqis. What’s to show for this tragic, horrendous loss? Nothing but chaos, which is what they wanted all along. It’s much easier to steal under the shroud of utter chaos, wouldn’t you agree, Linda?

    Imagine if the UN had gotten its way, and we had carried on with the inspections. We would have no illegal war. Tens of thousands of Iraqis and nearly 2,000 Americans would be alive today. And, that $300 BILLION could’ve been used to develop a nationalized healthcare plan, or insanely energy efficient vehicles that would release us from our bondage to middle eastern oil altogether.

    We may even have captured Bin Laden and brought him to justice. You remember him, don’t you, Linda? He’s the one that reportedly caused 9/11. He’s the one that we had cornered at Tora Bora, when your corrupt president chose to divert resources to Iraq, rather than move in to capture him.

    Remember how your boy used to say “Dead or alive?” Whatever happened to that? Where’s bin Laden now, planning a new 9/11 against America, perhaps? Bush is once again on a lengthy vacation in brushland, once again ignoring global terror threats…deja vu.

    Remember how Bush joked about not finding any WMD? Remember how, at that fundraiser dinner, he joked about it by looking underneath a table and saying “nope, no WMD under here!” Remember how funny that was? While American soldiers were being slaughtered in his illegal war, he found time to make funny jokes about the single reason that he initially gave as a “need” for his little war. What a nice “Christian,” huh?

    I can certainly picture Jesus doing something like that, can’t you? I bet Jesus is just hooting it up over this funny little war of Georgie’s, dont’ you think? I can see him just yukking it up, watching Americans and Iraqis torn to shreds each day, over nothing but lies. I’ve heard that Jesus loved a good joke, and by gosh, I can’t think of a better one than a bunch of American soldiers and innocent Iraqis being murdered and shredded over utter lies, can you?

    Your precious war is a lie, Linda. Your precious president is a treacherous, evil liar, and the time for him to face a full accounting is fast approaching. Cindy Sheehan has re-ignited the rage within the masses of this country that we were all misled into an illegal, unnecessary war, and that rage has been infused with the proof that has unfolded recently, that this corrupt, twisted, dangerous little man intentionally lied.

    I’m telling you, Linda, if you don’t believe it now, you will one day. The evidence is all out for all to see, and one day soon, it will be laid out in the light of day. Today, the entire world knows that Bush lied. Tomorrow, even his deluded, blinded, loyal supporters will know the tragic truth. Your president is a liar, and war criminal. There is nothing moral about lying a nation into an illegal, unncessary war.

  • Rom. 13:4…”But if you do what is evil, be afraid; for it does not bear the sword for nothing; for it is a minister of God, an avenger who brings wrath on the one who practices evil.”

    President Bush led our troops to fight a just war, and is led by the Lord to do so. Iraq harbors terrorist, and they are avenging the Lord, and that you should agree with Jeff. I had to post again because Of your slanderous remarks against those of us that believe in the leadership of a moral President in these throubled times for the United States.

  • //Uh, Jeff, that’s not exactly right. Faith in Christ is all it takes to be a Christian. While that inward chage to accepting Christ takes on an outward manifestation, it is not a perfect outward expression of inward faith because we are all sinners. As Paul teaches us in Romans 3:23-26//

    Sorry, but I ain’t buying. Bush is a liar, a war criminal, a pompous, arrogant thug, a profound user of profanity, and has in general, shown NOTHING to prove he’s a “Christian.” He’s a phony, through and through. In fact, I happen to believe that he’s still snorting coke and downing bottles of bourbon, but that’s just me.

    Christians don’t launch illegal wars based entirely upon lies and the stand back to reap profit from those wars. They don’t lie continously about their agendas and their errant, destructive policies. And, they sure as hell wouldn’t allow known traitors to continue lurking the halls of the white house.

    Bush ain’t “born again,” except to the extent that he managed to fool just enough people that he was to get close enough to steal a couple of elections. He’s diseased to the core. This is a frightening, ruthless, twisted, dishonest little man, and so long as he holds the buttons to the world’s mightiest military, we’re all in very grave danger.

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