Okay, as I lecture clients who send email, you cannot get tone in emails, let alone RedHot posts. Armando got all bent out of shape because of my “and they both hate the Jews” line on Duke and Cindy. It was intended to be sarcasm, and was not meant to be taken seriously, but I fell into that which I always warn clients about. Anyway, this guy at Kos makes some sense.

I’ve read on various web sites where Sheehan seems to be attacking Israel (“Israel out of Palestine”) and that her son didn’t die for Israel, which seems to make it the fault of the Jews; and so forth. I’m not sure these are her sentiments, but I find them very disturbing. It’s like going to a gay pride march and finding Young Socialist Alliance marching, using our march to further their agenda (which happens). Making Iraq the fault of Israel is very damaging to the anti-war effort. Phrases such as “Israel out of Palestine” are, at their heart, anti-Semitic, since the phrase buys into the Palestinian world view, which is deeply anti-Semitic. Is that what she stands for? If so, she doesn’t deserve my support (not that anyone will miss it).