Having come in contact with a liberal preacher in the past 24 hours, let me share my stereotype that the man just further strengthened.

Generally, evangelical pastors are more humble, prone to doubt, and concerned for an individual’s salvation. Liberal pastors are arrogant, prone to self-congratulations, and look down on those who do not believe as they believe.

This particular lefty, in the same vein as notable pastors like Bill Moyers and Barry Lynn, has humanized Christ as a radical progressive, and has led his congregation down the road of salvation through progressive social policy instead of social policy through salvation.

And that, I think, is the subtle distinction between lefty clerics and those on the right who are faithful to the text God gave us.

The left has adopted the New Testament as a social construct leaving aside the “figurative and thematic nonsense” that we evangelically still take literally. To obtain our salvation, we are to work hard collectively to improve society. (Note: The bit in quotes is not anyone’s direct quote)

The right, more faithful to the Bible than the left, recognizes that we must not strive to change society, but must strive to change ourselves to achieve salvation and then help others in their struggle to be more Christ like. Ours is not to save the man, but to save the soul.

Now, I should add a caveat by saying I didn’t hear the preacher preach, though he did do some preaching in the best Karl Marx sense. But, I get tired of lefty preachers who condemn those who don’t share their socialist world view. Christ was neither conservative nor liberal, he was and is God. Of course the left would prefer it if that was not quite so, then they’d have greater ground to stand on.