The Kossacks and their guy Hackett lost tonight. Remember in 2004 when *every* Kossack backed candidate won? Hahahaha! You can’t because that didn’t happen. They. All. Lost. Just like it appears will happen tonight.

Oh, and for those who want to spin that this district was really competitive, keep in mind these points:

  1. Schmidt lost a lot of grassroots support early on.
  2. Even Club For Growth wouldn’t back Schmidt.
  3. Thanks to CFG, Schmidt went into the general election already labeled a big tax and spender.
  4. Hackett had to run ads that made him look supportive of the President.
  5. This is a special election and only the truly motivated vote in a special election and Hackett still lost.
  6. Hackett had a compelling biography being a marine and Iraq veteran. That’s what distinguished this election and it still didn’t work for the left.
  7. 2000 was close too. Heh.

Will the right now recognize that it needs social conservatives who are also fiscal conservatives?

Will the left stop internet funding silly candidacies of lefties who try to hide behind the flag so you can’t see their hands in the surrender position (hands in the air, pants around their ankles)?

A failure. Again.