At least it’s not your mayor.

It began nearly seven months ago with just two little words.

Deep into a sparsely attended Alpharetta City Council meeting, Councilman R.J. Kurey announced he wanted to strip a largely ceremonial post from one council member and give it to another. He commenced to read from what appeared to be a copy of the city charter as he told the council they needed to elect someone to the job “each year.”

His colleagues were skeptical but went along anyway. They checked the next day and found no such words.

When challenged, Kurey sent a note to a fellow council member saying he would never make something up and enclosed a photocopied page with the words written in as his proof. He ended the message: “Kiss my [behind], you pompous SOB!!!!!”

While minor, the episode captures the sometimes absurd nature of the city’s fight with Kurey, which has been an on-again, off-again affair since shortly after Kurey moved to this north Fulton County community of 37,000 people from his native Pennsylvania in 1992.