This is a great idea.

Under attack for Georgia’s new voter ID law, state officials are putting a bus on the road to issue photo identification cards to low-income people.

The bus will roll Sept. 1, with the goal of helping Georgians meet the requirement that voters show photo identification at the polls %u2014 and defusing criticism that the law will disenfranchise the poor, elderly and minorities. Georgians who haven’t previously had a valid driver’s license or state identification card can obtain a free ID card if they sign a form saying they can’t afford the $20 fee.

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  • A move in the right direction but….

    one bus is a drop in the bucket.

    From the article you cite:

    “AARP Georgia, which opposed the photo ID law, says its research shows that more than 150,000 Georgians age 65 or over did not have a driver’s license when they voted in the 2004 elections. AARP also estimates that one out of every three Georgians over age 75 doesn’t have a driver’s license.”

    Why is it so hard to actually address this issue? There should be some type of contingency for legitimate voters who do not have a photo ID. Why can’t the photo-id only requirement be phased in over a couple of elections?

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