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I apologize. I don’t make really a penny off the Google ads right now. The change over cut off IE viewers without me knowing it, which really screwed the site traffic.

So, the traffic is increasing again, but Google seems to want to put anti-Bush ads on here. I may have to take those down. We can’t have anti-GWB ads around here.

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  • The adds are still there Eric. Please get rid of the “I voted for John Kerry” adds. Don’t let Google ruin the site.

  • As a mother myself, I have to make a comment on this. If this grief stricken mother wants share her view point that those that will listen, then her son most certainly gave her that right. After 911, my son called home and told me that he was taking his anthrax shots and ready to be called to duty. He told me not to cry if he gave his life because he was willing to die for his family! My son was not going to give up his life for the cowards in this country and those that burn the flag, and he made that point quite clear to me. I am quite sure that this lady’s son is watching his mother from Heaven, and he understands her sadness. Yes, it is sad that the left is exploiting the situation and the media but, please do not stoop to the level of destroying this poor mother. I would not do what she is doing, but if I did my son would have certainly earned my right to do so.

    This war is unfortunately being fought, as a political war. Any war, where the rules of engagement are to not shoot unless shot at is the rule of the day, you are involved in a war that cannot be won. God bless our troops and God Bless those mothers, fathers, wives, brothers, sisters and children that have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    I believe in our Country and in President Bush, but he is going to have to be strong and fight to win or we all lose.

By Erick Erickson

Erick Erickson

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