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  1. Rove released Matt Cooper from any deal for anonymity so Cooper would not go to jail. Logically those of us without tinfoil hats can conclude that Rove would do the same for Miller. Therefore, I think we can reasonably conclude that Rove is not the only person involved and Miller most likely had another source. Rove no doubt talked to Miller and she no doubt wants to play martyr for free speech, but is there anyone else there too?
  2. If Rove said what Newsweek has him saying (A) Wilson’s wife worked at the CIA; (B) Wilson’s wife recommended Wilson for the task of going to Niger; and (C) Rove never used Wilson’s name, Rove has said nothing but the truth, which is more than the New York Times usually does.
  3. Wilson, prior to going to Niger, had identified his wife as an employee of the CIA, which is nothing more than what Rove did.
  4. There was much coordination when the Wilson story came out, including repeated statements about the fraudulence of the Niger statement, when Niger was never specifically mentioned by the White House. There seems to also be coordination now in the “get Rove” story. Is the MSM conspiring with the Dems again? Where is Dan Rather?
  5. Where is Gary Condit? Surely he is involved again this summer. This is, afterall, a summer boredom induced story until the President makes his pick for the Supreme Court. Then that will become the story. Wonder if this story will speed up that story to get this story off the front page so the Dems can attack Bush’s nominee.
  6. One more point . What are the odds that Novak’s source was Cooper, Miller, or both? If they had a story that the weren’t going to run with, and they didn’t, they could have farmed it to Novak to get the ball rolling in one of his political gossip columns.

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