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There is a good lament on the death of family meal time in the Wall Street Journal today. For the record, my parents always insisted on family meal time and I intend to as well. Family meal time is very important.

I remember when my sisters and I wanted to bring a TV into the kitchen so we could watch TV while we ate. My parents were having none of that except on very special occasions. Eating in front of the TV is one thing when you are single or married with no kids. Eating around a table and talking to the family is a necessity when you have a family. It breeds civility.

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  • Amen! You definitely have no argument from me. I’ve just been biding my time before moving the high chair into the kitchen so that we will all be able to sit around the table together … as a family … with a newborn. After seeing your post, I think I’ll go ahead and move the high chair in tonight.

    Of course, if the PBR changes the rodeo times to dinner time, we may have problems! Then again, the folks at OLN seem to have a good handle on family values, and would NEVER schedule their prime programming during dinner hours.

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