Is Joe Allen on crack? What the heck? Letting a union come in and unionize employees. We’re gonna have to start calling him C. Joe Allen.

What a truly stupid idea. Unions may do okay in the private sector (something I don’t actually agree with), but in the public sector they will drive up wages too much, drive up costs too much, possibly strike, and it will be the taxpayer — as opposed to a consumer who has a choice — left holding the back.

A government union can hold the taxpayer hostage. This of the inefficiencies of the post office. That’s a government union! Think of the inefficiencies of the IRS — members of a government union. Think of the last time you had to stand in line to pay your car tag. Now imagine that process combined with the charm of an IRS agent and the efficiency of the post office. That, apparently, is C. Joe Allen’s vision of the county.

Come on Joe. They may be your friends, but don’t get them in bed with the county. Even the city hasn’t gone that far.

A movement to unionize Bibb County employees is in its early stages.

A proposed agreement between the Service Employees International Union, Local 1985, and the county has been filed with the Bibb County Commission. Commissioner Joe Allen has asked that it be discussed at the county’s next human resources committee meeting, scheduled for July 12.

“All they wanted to do was have an opportunity to talk to the employees and open it up to them, and I don’t have a problem with that,” said Allen, who, as a retired firefighter, has been a member of a union.

Union organizer Michael Gardner said he was approached by several county employees about the possibility of unionizing and that he’s met with 20-25 of them. The proposed agreement he forwarded to commissioners essentially mirrors one the union has with the city of Macon.

Commissioners have not all studied the agreement, which Allen gave out recently. Still, some strong opinions have been formed. “I don’t think much of it,” said Commissioner Elmo Richardson, who chairs the human resources committee. “I don’t think we need to be doing business with a union.”

Richardson said county employees already have competitive pay and good benefits. The county has “gotten along just fine all these many years, and I don’t see any reason to change,” he said.

So Gardner can’t make it with the city, even though it is stacked with Democrats, so he has moved on to the county. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.