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A while back I was venting about job frustrations. Some of those frustrations have changed, but other remain the same.

I got a good lead on a job and wound up being considered for two jobs that I did not even apply for.

Here’s where I’m at. More money is always nice, but I take the view that in my current capacity I am probably paid what I deserve or more than what I deserve simply because I’m better at politics and policy than practicing law. Politics and policy are where my heart is at. I’d love a job doing either or lobbying. Unfortunately, prospects are limited unless I intend to move to D.C., which is not possible right now.

But, being realistic, my wife and I will have our first child in five weeks. My wife’s boss retires next June. My suspicion is that she will want to move closer to her family, which would put us closer to Atlanta. So, it never hurts to keep my options open. I frankly do not, under any realistic projection, see us living in Macon in five years.

Again, it never hurts to see what is out there. I’m fine with where I am, but I know that my heart is in politics, campaigns, governing (behind the scenes, not as an elected anybody), etc. As long as I’m earning about $55K, I figure it’ll be a net wash with where I am. Boy, if I could find a job where I can work out of the house and travel, that’d be sweet! I have no problem traveling!

In any event, I don’t really plan to conduct an aggressive job search. I’m stable where I am, though I know and everyone else knows my heart is elsewhere. So, if you know of anything out there, feel free to shoot me an email. If you are curious, my resume is here.

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  • Hey, did you just change looks at your site? I like it…
    What ever happens with your future, I wish you well…I share many of the same frustrations you do, so I can sympathize and empathize. Congratulations on the impending addition to your family, and best of luck…

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