I think I have most all of the bugs exorcised from the new site design. I hope you like it. I’m still trying to figure out exactly how I’m going to distinguish this site from RedState and PeachPundit.

In the meantime, nesting continues in the Erickson household. Christy has been on a cleaning spree for a few days. Now, in fairness, she is both (1) doing a phenomenal job and (2) preparing and cleaning out for the baby. But, wow! I won’t say it is compulsive, but wow. Anyway, she knows how to get on here and defend herself.

Lastly, we are need of a chicken assassin or rescuer. Paging the ELF! Our neighbors have apparently gone on vacation and that damn rooster is waking us up at 6am again. They are good people and I’ve been very polite, but I’m starting to lose patience with the situation. Coq Au Vin anyone?