A good friend of mine from Atlanta had a deposition earlier today with an attorney here in our building. In addition to this attorney calling the police on my friend when he thought she was being hostile in the deposition, he entered into the record a memo, written by his secretary, that called my friend a “pain in the ass” and a “bitch.” Hahahaha!

Not exactly the way to win friends or influence the Administrative Law Judge, who by now is probably disposed against the attorney for having called the police on my friend.

That is (A) unprofessional, (B) not very civil, and (C) most likely will not do the client any good. A lot of attorneys bluster and fluster in hopes of getting on the other side’s nerves so the other side settles. I think this is one of the opposite cases where the attorney intended to be bullied will actually kick some major butt.

Difficult attorneys do the profession an injustice of reputation.