I’ve neglected by blog lately. Been busy with RedState and PeachPundit. In particular, I’ve been busy dealing with the Supreme Court picks.

I was one of the very first, a few weeks ago, to get out word of O’Connor’s retirement (I beat Drudge) and had the Rehnquist rumor, which I think is still valid, but hasn’t panned out.

But, the really cool news is that I got both the Clement thing out and back in before most and I beat the AP, Reuters, and Drudge to the John Roberts story. Very cool to have developed both good friends and good sources.

Now I have to go make some billable hours. On another front, the baby comes in a month. I think Christy will, next year, probably want to move closer to her parents. Not sure, but that’s my thinking. So, I’m starting to put out feelers on political jobs. It’d be great to find something where I can work out of the house on occasion, but that’s not really the important part.

We’ll see where the Lord leads.