Let me make this observation and you can feel free to disagree with it, ridicule it, or agree with me. The people who are most likely to be very pro-Cagle also are looking forward to Karen Handel getting in the Sec. of State race. The Reed people are tending to go with Bill Stephens.

The people who are opposed to Reed bring up the “gambling scandal” and would no doubt bring up something else were that not there — but the GOP liked Reed enough to have him be Chairman of the Party.

The people who do not like Stephens bring up the campaign finance issue — but the Republicans in the State Senate were fine with him being Majority Leader.

My point is simple, though unstated — the people who like Reed and Stephens thus far appear to be more socially conservative and outside the Perimeter. The people who want Handel and Cagle are not as heavily social conservative (well, they may be, but they either (A) don’t wear it on their shirt sleeve or (B) do trend more libertarian socially) and tend to be more “metro Atlanta” — at least in appearance.

Whether it is accurate or not below skin deep, there is this — just as the Democrats had issues on handling metro-Dems vs. rural-Dems vs. conservative Dems vs. liberal Dems, the GOP in Georgia is now having that problem. How they will deal with that issue — particularly the suburban Atlanta vs. rest of the state GOP — is going to be interesting to watch. It potentially helps the GOP to have a governor from not in Atlanta who keep help keep the peace between competing factions.