Mark over at Decision ’08 says Rove should apologize. With apologies to many who are smarter than me, I disagree.

What are we now talking about? We’re talking about, Durbin, Michael Moore, etc. What a brilliant way to drum up facts about past liberal NOT Democrat statements and quotes right when the liberals are starting to say with apparent unity that it is time to get out of Iraq.

Also, what an excellent way to shed light on the Dems and watch them scurry about like roaches when the light comes on. Rove did not say Democrat. Rove said “liberal.” Rove did not say progressive. Rove said liberal. Yet, all the folks who call themselves progressive and Democrat have jumped out to attack him. John Kerry even said Rove challenged the patriotism of “every American” and “For Karl Rove to equate Democratic policy on terror to indictments or therapy or to suggest that the Democratic response to 9/11 was weak is disgraceful.”

Hmmmm . . . considering Rove never mentioned Democrats, it is quite funny how the Dems are beating the hell out of him for saying what he said. I guess they just might be admitting they are the liberal party.