Patrick Ruffini, who you should be reading if you aren’t already, has a great piece on the Kos Online Primary poll, which further proves the moonbats are out of touch with reality.

The Kossacks are deeply out of touch with the rest of their party. But does that mean they’ll be irrelevant? Hardly. Online buzz could be critical in positioning Clark, but most likely Feingold, as the main challenger to Hillary. The blogosphere might even be responsible for a shock upset in New Hampshire. But that’ll be it. Online support might propel an out-of-nowhere Feingold to initial stardom, as with Dean, but it is unlikely to unravel Hillary’s sixteen years of chits with the Democratic base, not to mention the $40 million she’ll be transferring from her Senate account in late 2006. Remember 2004, and the massive head-fake that was the Dean/MoveOn insurgency – leading to Kerry, possibly the easiest establishment coronation in recent history.