In a former lifetime, I was the State Chairman of the Georgia College Republicans. In 2001, I handled the incorporation of the CRNC. Today, according to WaPo, the CRNC is loaded.

The College Republican National Committee (CRNC) is no longer a poor cousin to the Republican National Committee, dependent on a $150,000 stipend for survival. In 2003 and 2004, the CRNC raised $17.3 million. Most of the money went to pay fundraising costs, but more than $2 million was left over to hire field operatives, pay top officers and staff, and cover office and travel expenses.

The large operating budget has made the CRNC chairmanship a much-sought-after political plum. But it has also generated controversy within the group. As the campaign for the chairmanship of the College Republicans heats up, the two candidates — Michael Davidson of California and Paul Gourley of South Dakota — are fighting over the techniques used to raise the $17 million.