There is a very interesting piece in this month’s DoubleThink on Jeb Bush. Interestingly, a lot of conservatives are convinced that Jeb is the perfect candidate — he’s more conservative than the current Bush at 1600 Penn Ave. (notice how the further you get in the Bush clan the more conservative you get?).

I think Jeb would actually have a shot if he ran against Hillary. That would put a dent in the dynastic comparisons. But, i don’t think he’ll actually run — at least not without a bit more pressure. I think he’d be most likely to run if he and GWB worked a deal for JB to criticize his brother. After all, if he ran, the media would try as best it could to put JB in every available position in which he’d be expected to criticize his brother and launch a family feud.

It’d make for good TV.