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I know a lot of SPLOST opponents read this site. Here’s my question to you:

With all the debts and financial problems, it seems certain that the county will be raising my property taxes unless the SPLOST is passed. Yes, we’re being held hostage. But, what is the alternative? HINT: Cutting government spending is not a correct answer because that is not going to happen with the make up of either the County Commission (2 Republicans out of 5) or the City Council (3 Republicans out of 15).

By the way, yes I can be convinced.

Do you know how gut wrenching it is for me, a die hard Republican, to be contemplating a vote for the SPLOST.

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  • I need to clarify a post from above, as I should not have said the Judge is paid off, but he is paid by the taxpayers. It is ironic that this Judge was just recently appointed. Why would the DA not cover all bases before issuing a warrant? This does not pass the smell test that all charges were dropped against Kelly Clark, and I will leave it at that. The Judge in this case should be looking at the law and the law only.

  • Sorry for some words missing in the previous posts. I hit the control key and had some trouble typing and cannot edit my writing. We are in serious financial shape in Macon and Bibb County is not too much better. People do not realize how this government grew and grew and grew when B&W moved here thirty years ago and the money flow was like a bottomless cookie jar. We need to be completely overhauled (like a wore out machine). Those that are governed need to be in control and throw out the corrupt officials. We need help from the state legislature to restructure Bibb County. A SPLOST will never solve the problems that we face for now and the future. If my family could get out of our financial positions in Macon, Georgia, we would leave and never look back.

  • You can vote against a SPLOST (hint a real die-hard Republican never would vote to raise their taxes-never)! You can appeal your property tax increases because the value is not there! Look at the city, and look at the property for sale up and down Vineville Avenue. Your property is declining in value right before your eyes. With the recent debacle of the paid off Judge dropping charges against Kelly Clark this town is serious trouble. Macon needs to restructured like a bankrupt organization!

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