Whether you are for it or against it, be sure to vote on June 21st in the Bibb County SPLOST election. Critics say the SPLOST will pay off debts that should not have accumulated and will do nothing to stop frivolous county spending. Proponents say the SPLOST will pay off debts faster than the debts could otherwise be paid off and, even cutting frivolous spending1, the debts cannot be paid off as fast as they could with the SPLOST. We’ll see.

1.Let’s be honest. My definition of frivolous spending might not be yours. I’m generally inclined to vote for this SPLOST to pay off debts before the city files bankruptcy. Yes, some expenditures are stupid. No, I don’t think that’ll ever stop. But, in the meantime, there is a boatload of debt and consolidation is not a viable option with all that debt on the table.

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  • If you raise taxes, then there is no motivation to consolidate. Right? Let the city file bankruptcy, and force Bibb County and the city of Macon to come together like what should have been done years ago. The free ride is over, and the cash cow (B&W) is all but gone. It is time for the government to shrink to fit the governed. Vote no on June 21st against the SPLOST and force this out of control government to downsize.

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