The Bibb County SPLOST passed with over 80% of those who voted supporting it. This is a stunning victory for the Bibb County Commission, which promptly said it will vote to reduce property taxes — a bonus to the victory.

The win is also a defeat for Mayor C. Jack Ellis. Several of those quoted said they were for the SPLOST because Ellis was against it. One wonders if the mayor knew his support would kill the SPLOST so he opposed it. I think he probably was opposed.

With voters rejecting the mayor’s position, this could be seen as a loss of political capital for the mayor, though he has been in the red for some time in that account. At the same time, it should trouble him somewhat if the recall effort makes it through court and a black voice shows up to support the recall effort.

If the mayor can’t get voters to agree with him on this issue in the face of City Council support for the issue, he’s clearly vulnerable to a host of larger issues.

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  • I have to say I’m amazed. I expected it to pass with a close vote (which is why I made sure to get my “No” in yesterday). The proponent’s strategy of being quiet while certain people loudly proclaimed their opposition in nearly empty public forums worked like a charm. Much better (and cheaper) than cartoon character ad campaigns. The only consistent voices in support were the Telegraph (which is largely ignored)and some local radio personalities. Combined with an (apparently) clandestine get-out-the-vote push it worked.

    The EPLOST coimng up this fall faces a much bigger hurdle. Maybe they’ll luck out and the right people will oppose it too.

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