Be sure to read Novak today

Indeed, Romney’s preparation for 2008 is more advanced than any of his potential Republican rivals. While he recently spoke in his neighboring state of New Hampshire, Romney’s Commonwealth fund has raised and distributed $225,000, concentrated in three early primary states: Iowa, South Carolina and Michigan.

This early campaign is being put together by famed political consultant Mike Murphy, who is California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s closest political adviser and who worked for Sen. John McCain’s presidential campaign in 2000. Trent Wisecup, a partner in Murphy’s firm, arranged Monday’s schedule. Wisecup and Murphy, both Michigan natives, were in the audience at the Marriott.

Romney has been weak on the life issue. But he does have Mike Murphy to set him straight. Novak finally asks what I’ve been asking — can a Mormon get the nod. it is certainly a latent evangelical bias. We’ll see.