I’m actually a fan of historic preservation. Count me in with the Prince of Wales when it comes to thoughts on modern architecture. Many people do not want to deal with the renovation of old buildings and would rather build a strip mall. Government also makes it burdensome many times to deal with older buildings. But, I’m a fan of historic preservation still the same.
For twelve years I have been a member of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Now, most of the people there are more to the left than me, mnore so now I think that it is off the government payroll, and I disagree with some of the things the group does — preservationists have an annoying habit of getting preservation confused with anti-growth.

That aside, one worthy thing the Trust does each year is publish a list of endangered locations. This year’s list is here. On the list is Camp Security. The Camp is one of the best preserved POW camps from the Revolutionary War. In progress, a residential development looks to be dangerously encroaching on the Camp.

Other endangered sites include the Catholic Churches of Boston and Senator Daniel Webster’s farm in New Hampshire (no, it’s not the Devil about to foreclose on it). Check out the whole list — not all of which I think are fully endangered, but most of which deserve preservation in some fashion.