“a whole contingent of the ‘Destroy Western Civilization as We Know It NOW’ Coalition has joined in.”

The National Organization of Women (“NOW”) hates good husbands. “No,” you say? Well, NOW has taken up as its cause the protesting of Promise Keepers, a Christian organization that seems to get men back to taking care of their families based on New Testament values. rotesting.

What is a Promise Keeper? Here is what it means to be one.

A Promise Keeper is committed to honoring Jesus Christ through worship, prayer and obedience to God’s Word in the power of the Holy Spirit.

A Promise Keeper is committed to pursuing vital relationships with a few other men, understanding that he needs brothers to help him keep his promises.

A Promise Keeper is committed to practicing spiritual, moral, ethical, and sexual purity.

A Promise Keeper is committed to building strong marriages and families through love, protection and biblical values.

A Promise Keeper is committed to supporting the mission of his church by honoring and praying for his pastor, and by actively giving his time and resources.

A Promise Keeper is committed to reaching beyond any racial and denominational barriers to demonstrate the power of biblical unity.

A Promise Keeper is committed to influencing his world, being obedient to the Great Commandment (see Mark 12:30-31) and the Great Commission (see Matthew 28:19-20).

Let’s contrast that to the world NOW advocates — the secular world of abortionists where things like this happen:

A 19-year-old accused of causing his teenage girlfriend to miscarry two fetuses by stepping on her stomach was convicted Monday of two counts of murder.

Gerardo Flores received an automatic life sentence because prosecutors did not seek the death penalty, which was available under the state’s 2003 fetus protection law.

Erica Basoria, 17, acknowledged asking Flores to help end her pregnancy; she could not be prosecuted because of her legal right to abortion.

The defense contended that Basoria punched herself while Flores was stepping on her, making it impossible to tell who caused the miscarriage.

Had Gerardo been involved in an organization like Promise Keepers, the unwanted pregnancy most likely would not have happened and the murder of his twins most likely would not have happened. But, instead of protesting the inequity and injustice of a law that sends one murderer to jail for life and ignores his accomplice because she has a right to do what he does not, NOW is leading a counter protest of a Promise Keepers even in Fayetteville, Arkansas. If it’s not disgusting enough that NOW is protesting, a whole contingent of the “Destroy Western Civilization as We Know It NOW” Coalition has joined in.

NOW, the Washington County Green Party and the OMNI Center for Peace, Justice and Ecology joined forces to voice concerns Sunday evening about the Promise Keepers rally scheduled June 10-11 at the University of Arkansas campus.

Promise Keepers is dedicated to igniting and uniting men to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ through the effective communication of Seven Promises, according to the group’s mission statement.

According to Dick Bennett, retired professor of English and president of the OMNI center, that very mission speaks to the groups intolerance of others. “They are extremely exclusive in favor of Christianity to the exclusion of all the other religions,” Bennett said. “This is a very fundamentalist, intolerant religious organization. Even though they say they are open to all denominations, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, they really mean if those different peoples will convert to Christian,” he said. . . .

For the Green Party, the issues with the Promise Keepers are numerous, according to Carol Tarvin, who described the Promise Keepers as wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Green Party members, she said, seek to preserve religious freedom and diversity and rejects the call to create a “Christian nation.”

She quoted Promise Keepers founder Bill McCartney as stating, “There’s coming a day when the strongest voice in America will be that of a Christian male.””We consider that a frightening prospect not only for women but for all people who subscribe to other forms of faith, as protected under the American Constitution,” she said.

Perhaps Ms. Tarvin should be more worried about the Islamofascists who would like her dead than a group of Christian men who would like her cared for and prayed for.